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What are Angstrom-sized Minerals?
What are The Synergies? How Do They Work?
Calcium and Osteoporosis
Potassium and Enzyme Function
Silica: The Beauty Mineral


Longevity vitamins A C and E
Pantothenic Acid and Uric Acid
Vitamin F (EFAs): What We Need & How to Get Them
Coenzyme Q10 and the Heart


Lysine and Cold Sores
Phenylalanine and Pain
Arginine and Sperm Count
Cysteine: The Youth Connection
Glutamine and Competitive Athletes
GHR Aminos and Muscle Tone
Protein and Vegetarians


Carbohydrates as the Code of Life
Stress and Glyconutrients

Fats and Cholesterol

Cholesterol and Heart Disease: How It Happens
Essential Fatty Acids: What Our Bodies Need and
How to Get Them
Trans Fatty Acids - Hidden Nasties


Candida Albicans - Candidiasis - The Yeast Syndrome: My Story May Help You!
Why Candida Is Dangerous
What You Should and Should not Eat

Deficiency Symptoms

Comprehensive Table of Nutrients to Aid Deficiency States - Updated Regularly

Acidosis to Wrinkles: Find Your Solution
Make Your Own Wrinkle Cream that Works! HERE

Allergies in Humans and Pets

Understanding Why Many People and Many Pets Have Allergies and How to be Allergy-Free.
Food Intolerances in Animals and Man

Goats Milk

Goats Milk Home Page
Cows' Milk Allergy: "What's the Matter with your Baby?"
Digestive Upsets in Newborns and Adults
What Homogenizing Does to Milk
Soya - The Two-Edged Sword
Soya for Women? - Soya for Men? - Soya for Babies?


Are Parasites Eating You?
Parasites in Children and Adults
How to Rid Your Family of Parasites
Parasites in Pets and Parasite Resistance in Animals

Links - Where to Find Products

Natural Products
Avoid Chemicals in Your Daily Life
Better Health for You and Your Pets
Shop Organic
Organic Gardening Blog

Hire The Author Of This Site

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Acid-Alkaline Balance for Health

Alkaline-Acid Balance - Alkalinize or Die
Quit Smoking - Here's Help
Food Combining
Grains in the Diet


Enzymes and Body Processes
The Three Classes of Enzymes
What Destroys Enzymes
Why Supplement with Enzymes?

Health Foods

The Colostrum Miracle
Honey's Antibacterial Activity
Bee Pollen, Deer Velvet, Royal Jelly
Spirulina and Chlorella - What You Should Know


Aloe Vera the Healer
Herbs for Women.....Herbs for Men
Euphrasia and "Computer Eyes"
Feverfew and Migraine
Hawthorn for Heart Diseases and Blood Pressure


Free Radicals - The Continuing Story
The Antioxidant Generations

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Mission Statement

This website is the result of over 40 years' personal search for health answers, 15 years' working as a lawyer in the medico-legal field, and 7 years' part-time employment in a busy small town health store.

Great new insights into natural health have spawned new ways of looking at getting healthy. but whatever else you plan to do or take, unless you make a change in the dietary habits that led to your problem, you are simply pouring money into a bottomless pit.

NEED ANSWERS? Then understand how your body works, what nutrients it needs, and how to find those from sources that are not overpriced. Understand very clearly also what we've done to the food sources that originally offered us REAL nourishment, PLUS how our eating habits and food choices are at the root of our trouble.

I am not trying to sell anything here. If this site gives you some lighbulb moments that help you in YOUR search for answers, it will have done its job. Thank you for visiting.
Patricia Howitt BA, LLB

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